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Human Story Theatre focuses on new plays with a health and social care issue at heart. We are passionate that theatre is for all and believe by highlighting health and social care issues within our productions, that it is an exciting way to engage, entertain and raise awareness. We ‘pop-up’ in any designated space with minimal set, giving a shared light shared space experience.

Our History

Human Story Theatre was founded by Amy Enticknap and Gaye Poole in 2016. They met in 2006 working as role-players and facilitators in teaching communication skills to medical students, qualified nurses, doctors and midwives.

Straddling the two worlds of make-believe and real-life crystallised the idea of Human Story Theatre. It became the perfect vehicle for their concerns regarding health and social care. Gaye’s desire was to help communities using her tools as a writer and actor to convey important messages in theatre form. She moved away from Oxfordshire and HST in 2020.

Meet the team


Amy Enticknap

Artistic Director & Co-Founder

Amy trained as an actor at The Oxford School of Drama. As Artistic Director of Human Story Theatre, she is passionate about exploring real-life issues and uniting communities through the power of theatre and discussion. Her parallel work as a communication skills coach in the health and social care sector enhances her role within HST. Through this work, she aims to improve clinicians’ communication to strive for better health outcomes and being an expert in communication through performance, aims to do the same with the productions HST produces. Amy has produced all projects thus far, including the podcast and short films.

Alex Wright

Alex Wright

Design & Digital Marketing

Alex has been with Human Story Theatre from the start. He created our visual brand identity and continues to design marketing collateral for our ongoing projects, as well as providing support through digital marketing strategies.

Alex is an experienced Senior Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the Design industry for over 10 years. Skilled in Design for Print, Web Design, Logo Design, Branding, Marketing Creative and Photography, he runs AW Design based in Oxfordshire.

Dr Shamila Wanninayake

Dr Shamila Wanninayake

Associate GP

Shamila Wanninayake is an Oxfordshire GP working at The Manor Surgery.  Together with 20 years of clinical experience, she has a long held interest in obesity, developed through her first degree of Psychology where she was involved in Obesity research at Leeds University.  She currently supports the Oxfordshire Multidisciplinary Working group for Healthy Weights in childhood and sits on the National Child Measurement Programme Board (NCMP).  She lobbies central government through the All Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Health Childhood and is involved in Health Policy & Governance as Council Member for the Royal College of General Practitioners. On both a professional and personal level she supports mental health delivery for children and young people, recognising the impact of stigma, social media and societal and cultural influences on the their health & wellbeing. Shamila is working with Human Story Theatre to explore and convey important messages to teenagers around weight, mental health and stigma as well as developing a network of GPs interested in tackling overweight and obesity.

Board of Trustees

Steve Hughes, Trustee - Human Story Theatre

Steve Hughes


Farrell Renowden Trustee Human Story Theatre

Farrell Renowden


Farrell is Head of Cultural Partnerships at Age UK Oxfordshire and an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion champion in life, as well as for Age England Association.  Having trained in Theatre Acting at Bretton Hall, her passion for theatre has never stopped but her determination to ensure everyone has the chance to benefit from it has grown.

Maurine Fairwheather Hole - Human Story Theatre

Maureen Fairweather Hole


Having been helped to read by my first drama teacher I have had a life-long interest in drama and theatre.  After leaving school, having unsuccessfully auditioned for drama schools, I was not sure in what direction I wanted to go and started working in a library, as a personal assistant and then in an occupational therapy department of a psychiatric hospital engaging patients through drama and music.  This helped me make my decision to train as a teacher with drama as my specialism initially with the view to working specifically with pupils with learning difficulties.

I have since been privileged to work in schools, with a wide range of students, in Kent and Oxfordshire as a drama teacher, head of department and faculty, Senior management and my final role was as Director of Visual and Performing Arts specialism which entailed working with the arts across the school, local community, partnership primary schools and with artists and companies developing projects in a range of arts medium.  This was a role I thoroughly enjoyed and where you could observe the difference the arts can make to community well-being and cohesion.

Being involved with Human Story Theatre is a way of supporting a theatre company that is delivering exciting opportunities, promoting health and well-being but also thought provoking theatre that is reaching out to wider audiences.

Danielle Battigelli - Trustee - Human Story Theatre

Danielle Battigelli


Danielle practised as a solicitor for 15 years, in the business and IP sectors, ultimately specialising in charity law. She then moved to work directly in the charity and arts sectors, with freelance work in relation to charity structures and governance; training on legal matters for arts students and practitioners; and project management including fundraising, evaluation and delivery. She has worked in the museum sector, and now works on projects involving music for wellbeing and education and a visual arts festival.
Danielle has always combined her work with voluntary trustee roles in arts and community organisations, with a consistent interest in theatre, including roles as Chair of Oxfordshire Touring Theatre Company and Trustee of Pegasus Theatre.
She is committed to the cultural sector and to its many benefits and opportunities for connecting people, and for informing, inspiring and uplifting people of all ages, and looks forward to joining the journey of HST.

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