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    Performance Bookings

    for employees and students in higher education


    Human Story Theatre is available for bookings for performances to employees and students in higher education. We would be delighted to travel to your place of work, college or university to perform a Human Story Theatre play from our repertoire.

    Our performances explore and address important social issues which can be difficult to discuss in an organisational or educational setting. We are always pleased to hear from student welfare representatives, educational counsellors and Human Resources professionals.

    Our pop-up theatre company of two to three cast members can fit all they need into the boot of a car, we don’t require a large studio or stage, complex lighting or props, but we believe our performances are best suited to intimate settings such as Board Rooms or Common Rooms.

    Our performance booking fee varies according to location and the size of your audience. Our fees will also include travel costs. Booking fees provide essential support for our future programme.


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