Our podcast goes behind the scenes exploring the issues raised in our plays and highlights the real human stories behind the work. We talk to people with lived experience and those organisations out there who offer help and support.

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Happy Even After the podcast is a special project made in response to Covid-19, funded by Arts Council England. This is a 5 part series showcasing Human Story Theatre’s play Happy Even After by Gaye Poole which explores domestic abuse; from wedding vows, various anniversaries, and into this lockdown.
Happy Even After was meant to be touring again right now. It’s first tour in Autumn 2019 has already enabled: women to leave abusive households, male and female victims to see their stories represented and recruited domestic abuse champions. Due to Covid-19 and the increase of domestic abuse, one of the cast members Jilly Bond has driven the conversion of the play into this radio script so that these important messages are able to be amplified now. 
We’ve split the play into three episodes with a fourth episode offering current advice and support from Becci Seaborne, a Domestic Abuse professional. In the final episode of this series we explore the real life experiences of domestic abuse through Laura's story.

Happy Even After by Gaye Poole

Directed by Anna Tolputt

Audio Production by Jilly Bond & Derek Carlyle


Naomi - Imogen Wilde

Ash - Paul Tonkin

Tasha - Scout Terry

Kate - Jilly Bond

Peter - Julian Gartside

Lissa - Amy Enticknap

Radio voices - Oliver Stephens & Anna Tolputt


*Episode 5 Produced by Vibrant Sound Media

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Our first podcast series focuses on DRY by Gaye Poole, a new play commissioned by the NHS about middle class, middle aged drinking. Amy and Gaye chat to various guests with lived experience of alcoholism and others from organisations who partnered with the production, including Turning Point, Al-Anon and NACOA

DRY is a new play written by Gaye Poole and the subject of the first series brought to you by Human Story Theatre.

The play focuses on James and Ellen Wilson who find themselves indulging in one dinner party - and one bottle of wine - too many. When supper talk turns from light and amusing to barbed and accusatory is it time for them to think about their alcohol intake?

This 5 episode podcast series goes behind the scenes, exploring the issue of middle-aged, middle-class drinking and highlighting the real human stories behind the ethos of the play.

Join Amy & Gaye as they chat to people who have real life experience of alcoholism and the organisations out there that offer help and support.

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