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Press coverage for our play DRY

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Alison Graham, 5* The Oxford Times

“Humour, pathos, shock, pain are provoked as you watch the drama unfold. [...] Yet despite the serious nature of the subject matter, it doesn’t lecture. I laughed, was close to tears, and at times also deeply uncomfortable.”

“A play about alcohol that doesn’t lecture.”

Michael Billington, Theatre Critic

"Much taken with DRY by Gaye Poole, which I caught in the basement of St James's Piccadilly and which offers a salutary warning about the dangers of middle-class alcoholism. Presented by a lively Oxfordshire company [...]"

Joanna Trollope, Author

"I was so impressed, and really moved, by DRY. It is a stunning piece of theatre, both in the writing and the acting, and should be seen nationwide. It’s also a most effective marriage of theatre and therapy."

Lucy Askew, Chief Executive & Producer, Creation Theatre

"Human Story Theatre's production of DRY was thought provoking, well executed and certainly leaves it's audience with a lasting legacy of thinking about our relationship with alcohol in a new light. As with all Human Story Theatre productions the post show talks are far more than an add on and an integral part of the production. For DRY the post show talk I attended was in- credible, the audience fully engaged in the topic sharing their own experiences in a moving and inspiring way."

Connie's Colander

Press coverage for our play Connie's Colander

Danny Lee, The Guardian

Stage Talk Magazine

“Human Story Theatre is a company with a unique approach to theatre.

I can’t recommend this company highly enough”


Sue Williamson, Libraries Director at Arts Council England

“An awful lot of people who are interested or touched by these issues don’t feel safe in a theatre, but they do feel comfortable in their local library.”

Daily Info

“... beautifully crafted, tightly written, intensely poignant and moving exploration of the effect of dementia on a mother and her daughter... a short dramatic jewel.”

“The acting is a tour de force by Amy Enticknap, as daughter, and Gaye Poole as her mother. Yet, despite the subject material, the play is alive with good humour...”

Christopher Gray, The Oxford Times

“Warm and witty, but with a marked piquancy, the play clearly benefits from the writer’s experience as a nurse working in a psychiatric hospital, before her career change to theatre.”

“This is a compelling play, excellently acted and tautly directed”


The Fourth Dog

Press coverage for our play The Fourth Dog

Jen Pawsey, Daily Info

“Witty, entertaining play that doesn’t trivialise its serious subject.”

Sophie Francis, Daily Info

“While the show is very funny, it also teaches us about family life across the generations, while furthermore dealing with the tricky subject of breast cancer with a great amount of care and pathos.”

Flat 73

Press coverage for our play Flat 73

Sophie Francis, Daily Info

“I would urge everyone to keep an eye on this theatre company. They bring difficult subjects to life and provoke discussion on ways in which they can be tackled.”

Rosie Bloom, Daily Info

“The staging of this piece was truly impressive.”

“This drama is thought-provoking, discussion-launching …”

John Terry, Artistic Director

"Human Story are a valuable and useful addition to our programme, tackling social and community issues as fits our remit as a local theatre, but doing so with engaging, well made pieces of theatre."

Jeremy Spafford, Director

"We have been working with Human Story since their inception because they produce the kind of work that we are keen to present: new, well written, well executed, thought provoking and reaching out to new audiences."

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