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Connie is a retired domestic science teacher. Emily, her daughter, is enjoying hosting her first TV cookery show: Connie’s Colander, bringing her mother’s recipes onscreen and up to date. Sensitively, with humour and tenderness this newly written play traces the evolving relationship throughout their lives, and the impact of Connie’s Alzheimer’s. Can their relationship, and the TV show, survive?


Running time 50 mins.
Followed by a 20 minute post-show Q&A with a dementia specialist.


An informal atmosphere is created for the Q&A, facilitated by the two actors, with local dementia specialists able to signpost people to their local services. Building on the story within the play, the audience is also encouraged to share their own experiences, both to ‘offload’ and also to help support fellow audience members, if appropriate.

Audience Feedback

"The play was extremely well written and superbly acted. Thank you! I wish I had seen this play three years ago - it would have helped me to understand my father’s illness."

Audience Feedback

"To see dementia portrayed in this way (very real) is such a great way for everyday people to see and appreciate. The more we all see and hear, the more acceptable and less ‘scary’ it seems."

Audience Feedback

"Excellent! A good balance between the serious aspects of dementia and the sense of humour you have to have!"

Audience Feedback

"Wonderful! Could really relate to this. My Mother has Alzheimer’s."

Audience Feedback

"Brilliantly portrayed with helpful ways of how to deal with a person suffering from dementia."

The Oxford Times

“This is a compelling play, excellently acted and tautly directed ...”

Daily Info

“… beautifully crafted, tightly written, intensely poignant and moving exploration of the effect of dementia on a mother and her daughter…a short dramatic jewel.”  


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