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By Gaye Poole

Directed By Anna Tolputt

A new one hour play plus post-show Q&A with organisations who work with people who have experienced domestic abuse

Human Story Theatre tackle health and social care issues that affect local communities, and their latest play is about domestic abuse. They go behind closed doors in their inimitable, intimate style and bear witness to the joy and eventual carnage of two couples’ relationships. 

Ebullient Peter, a hard-working policeman and all round ‘good egg’ finds love a second time around with cautious Kate, an office worker who finds it hard to trust again. Ash a charming and ambitious history lecturer and caring Naomi a talented, aspiring dress designer marry on the same fateful day as Peter and Kate. We go inside their lives over several anniversaries, sharing happy and more difficult moments with them, ‘for better for worse, to love and to cherish, ‘til death us do part.’

Domestic abuse comes in too many forms and is hidden from too many people. Should I leave? Where will I go? What will they do to me? Who should I tell? Should I report my neighbour?

In the accompanying Q&A, people with lived experience and professionals who work in the area of domestic abuse help us all to be more alert to unhealthy relationships and know when and how to help so that more people can achieve a ‘happy even after’.

"We have been working with Human Story Theatre since their inception because they produce the kind of work that we are keen to present: new, well written, well executed, thought provoking and reaching out to new audiences."

Jeremy Spafford, Director, Arts at the Old Fire Station


In partnership with A2 Dominion and Reducing the Risk

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